Pricing & Packages

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Self Lovin'

First time in front of a camera, or wanting to work on being comfortable in your body? Using photography as a therapeutic container, we create a safe space for you to unravel and discover the ways your body wants to express itself and be seen.

$450/2 looks/15 edited images


An embodiment journey inviting your raw essence to come out and play. Creating with curiosity, being witnessed and intimately captured as your natural self. Co-create an artistic vision and become art embodied.

$800/5 Looks/25 edited images

Fullest Expression

You're here to boldly take up space as the embodied leader and fully expressed woman you are in this world. Calling in the ultimate manifestation of your essence, transcending old versions of you through anchoring in the next level of your evolution.

$1200/35 Images+1min video

Sacred Union

An experience to capture yourselves intimately as partners. Creating art with your bodies while providing a space to somatically lean into areas of your partnership that needs nurturing. Held in any emotion that surfaces, led by a clear intention.

25 Edited Images $800

The Muses

A co-creative session between sisters, artists, muses. There's two or more of you that would like a session together. Captured together, as a collectively attuned transmission, we commune with the Goddess and see what wants to come through.

Starting from $1200


Either weave individual self love-sessions into your retreat itinerary or choose it as an optional add-on experience for your attendees.
Option to incorporate event photography of the retreat into this offer aswell.

Contact for pricing

All sessions are shot IN/Influenced by Nature, without make-up in your natural state.

This might challenge you in perception of your own beauty, but create a beautiful opportunity for you to be celebrated

and captured as your most authentic self, to see yourself in a new way, and lean into new depths and edges of self love and body image awareness.


Communicate your brands' expression in a soulful way and
align the style and ethics of your label with the
visual identity of the photoshoot.

$600 / 1.5 HRS / 20 images
$800 / 2.5HRS / 30 images

Add on $100/+
+ Editorial content for Social Media

custom packages available

Reach out to Inquire about Custom Price Packages


Videography packages & Add-ons


Add on video-package to your photoshoot.

One edited 1 minute reel,

color graded without music.

+ access to extra color graded footage for you to create your own content from.


Three edited 1 minute reels,

color graded without music.

1hr extra of shooting


Three edited 1 minute reels,

color graded without music.

1hr extra of shooting

(can also be booked on its own)

+ access to extra color graded footage for you to create your own content from.


Visual Poetry

Share your voice through the art of film.

2-3 minute video

2hrs of filming.

We explore the realms of visual poetry and artistic expression where concept, visuals and poetry come together.

An inspirational artistic film where you get to share your message and bring it alive visually.

  • 2 concept calls
  • 2 locations/looks
  • 1-3-minute video edited & graded, with music of your choice, & your voiceover (if desired).

This package includes a selection of 5-10 photographs as well, that can be used as ”cover photos” for the film.


Music Video / Short Film

3.5-7 minute film

  • 2 vision, concept & planning calls.
  • Art direction and styling assistance.
  • Unlimited locations and looks
  • 2-5 days of filming
  • 3-5 minute video edited & graded, synced to your voice over or singing.


  • 5-10 ”cover photos” for the film.
  • 2 post production calls.
  • 1 sneak peek & editing adjustment.

Travel and accommodation is not included in the price.


Emotional Alchemy

A videography container for all of you to be witnessed and held, using art as a profound witness for your transformation.

2-3hr Video Shoot

A moving way to tell your story. We'll open a container for you to somatically move through and embody whatever is alive for you in this time of your life. With loving guidance you'll be able to crack open doors into your most vulnerable expression, and let it move through you and release.

This is not about looking pretty, it's about getting honest and allowing yourself to fully unravel into your rawest expression, and experiencing the healing powers of fully embodying our story, and turning emotions into art.

  • The final result will be a 1-3 minute emotionally evoking video, edited & graded with music of your choice, & your voiceover (if desired)
  • 2 calls, one before, one after. For introduction, visualizing, planning, emotional support and integration.
  • Includes voice note support post video-shoot for integration.
  • Poetry/writing assistance if needed for the voiceover.


Travel and accommodation expenses not included in the packages.


What does the booking process look like?

We decide on a package and a date, and from there you book your shoot in by paying 50% of the total amount due from your package of choice, as a non-refundable deposit that serves as both a booking fee, and a retainer as compensation for the photographer for committing her time to provide the services and turning down other potential projects or clients.

We schedule in a check in call a few days before the shoot, to dive into the vision for the shoot, as well as I’ll go into a bit deeper into how I work and my vision with my art and my purpose in working with women with an emphasis on natural beauty. After that we’ll have set the space so that we can show up on the day of ready to shoot.

How do I prepare? What do I need to bring?

After our check in call we should be all set for the shoot. You do not need to do your hair in any specific way or put make-up on pre-shoot as this is meant to be an experience to truly capture and celebrate your natural beauty.

Depending on the package you choose and how many looks are included, you bring that amount of outfits (+ possibly a couple more to choose from) and any other props or items that you want to influence the shoot.

What time of day will we shoot?

No matter what package you choose we will book it in as either a sunrise or a sunset session, when the light is optimal for shooting. If it rains on the time of day we shoot, we will reschedule to the next available time slot for either sunrise or sunset.

What if I want more images from the shoot?

The amount of images stated in the packages above will always be selected and edited by the photographer.

There is always an option to purchase extra images after the delivery of your final images. If that is requested, it is done through receiving an online gallery of unedited images to select and purchase from at 15/image.


“Paula was the most creative, inspiring and empowering artist I've ever had the honor to work with. She made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. I was able to completely let go of any expectations, fears and doubts and be present in the moment with her - creating authentically raw art in the most sensual and playful way. Pure magic. And the images! Just wow. They are SO beautiful beyond my wildest imagination or any expectations I could ever have! I couldn't be more satisfied about the the experience!”

“It was a blessing to see the unbelievable artist in action. She made the session feel comfortable and easy, and her natural ability to guide me and my body was much appreciated. Her talent and wisdom shine through my photos and 10 fold, in person! She truly showed me the beauty I hold inside and out. As well as deepened my connection to the beauty of Mother Earth and how I (and everyone) reflect that!! I am ever so grateful to have experience such a meaningful photo shoot.”

“Having a photo session with Paula was the easiest and one of the most playful things I've done as an adult. She is an all around amazing artist who creates a safe and loving space to be your most natural self. My heart leaps when I look at my photos she took and when I think of our time together in Puerto Viejo. Thank you Paula for showcasing the Divine Feminine from such a raw and beautiful perspective. Your work is so appreciated.”

Interested in working together?