Paula Simons.

For Paula, what started off as work in fashion photography began to take on a life of its own as she started exploring herself and the inner work of healing, growing more into herself as an artist and a woman. The Swedish artist started connecting deeply to nature, living on the pacific coast of Costa Rica, and deeper to herself with the help of practices such as meditation, plant medicines and following her inner call to creativity. Her work started to reflect the transformation within, shining a light on self-love, and the empowered, free-spirited, fully expressed woman.

Growing up in Sweden with a passion for fashion photography, she saw a society focused on commercialised beauty and started to perceive that how she had been taught to be a woman in the western world didn’t match who she was becoming. Photographing women, she witnessed insecurities, limiting beliefs and conditioning that she could recognise from her own inner journey. Her photography work evolved into a perfect platform, through photos and captions/poetry, to make a change in the perception of Woman. The expression of the emerging awakened woman, connected to her true nature, embodying and leading with her powerful inner feminine energy: the Divine Feminine within.

This also gave her the means to share what she had learned on a personal level with the women she photographs, and to follow their journey of self-love and self-acceptance. Preferring to shoot women without makeup, and little clothing, to confront the norm of how women are portrayed in media today, as well as get to photograph the raw real beauty that every woman carries, if she learns to embrace it.

Not identifying herself as "only a photographer", Paula also spends time creating other forms of art, using it as a tool, in an attempt to help others find their soul and hearts unique artistic expression and come into their true selves more. She leads workshops and works with different destination retreats in Costa Rica, focused on healing, women's work, body image awareness etc. as well as offers personal photo therapy packages.

With a deep passion for music, she also performs as a singer, leads singing circles and is always expressing and creating through music. She spends a lot of time writing poetry and spends time painting as well as other forms of visual and digital art, among other forms of expression.

She believes art is the most healing thing we can do for ourselves and the world, and is constantly searching for inspiration and exploring new ways to create, to help raise the vibration and consciousness on this earth.

"I live on the rainbows and clouds most of the time. Mind often preoccupied by song, light, color palette, images to be created and poetry to be written. I dream and fantasize a lot, spend a lot of time in connection with nature, hearing her whispers of inspiration, and sometimes need to remind myself that i'm also here to be a physical being, and it's not all about unicorns and stars and melodies.. Or is it..?"

Current base: Nosara, Costa Rica.


“Paula was the most creative, inspiring and empowering artist I've ever had the honor to work with. She made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. I was able to completely let go of any expectations, fears and doubts and be present in the moment with her - creating authentically raw art in the most sensual and playful way. Pure magic. And the images! Just wow. They are SO beautiful beyond my wildest imagination or any expectations I could ever have! I couldn't be more satisfied about the the experience!”

“It was a blessing to see the unbelievable artist in action. She made the session feel comfortable and easy, and her natural ability to guide me and my body was much appreciated. Her talent and wisdom shine through my photos and 10 fold, in person! She truly showed me the beauty I hold inside and out. As well as deepened my connection to the beauty of Mother Earth and how I (and everyone) reflect that!! I am ever so grateful to have experience such a meaningful photo shoot.”

“Having a photo session with Paula was the easiest and one of the most playful things I've done as an adult. She is an all around amazing artist who creates a safe and loving space to be your most natural self. My heart leaps when I look at my photos she took and when I think of our time together in Puerto Viejo. Thank you Paula for showcasing the Divine Feminine from such a raw and beautiful perspective. Your work is so appreciated.”