We all carry a perception that our beauty lies at least partly in the external. As women, we grow up in a world of comparison, and skewed beauty ideals. We often think that we need to look a certain way to be or feel beautiful, have a body shape that fits into societal ideas of what beauty is, have "perfect" skin or hair and

compensate for any imperfections with make up all over our face.

One of my passions is to challenge that perception we have of ourselves, and show women their beauty in a different way than they might have seen it before. I will shoot without make up, sometimes without clothes, preferably first thing in the morning, raw and real, to show you the actual beauty and perfect work of art that is you. There is a unique essence of beauty within each woman, and that is what I seek to capture, not the woman you think you need to be to fit into an external idea you've created of yourself.

We are all beautiful mirrors of each other, with just a different set of perceptions.

Let me show you the light of the beauty that is you.