Above is Paula's contribution to the physical exhibition MUJER DESPIERTA, "Awakened Woman", held in Huerto Roma Verde, Mexico City in March 2023

as part of the creative collective "Piel Canela"

In 2023, around International Women’s Day on the 8th of March, the female run artist collective Piel Canela held a series of events and workshops with the theme being — Mujer Despierta, “Awakened Woman”.

“Inviting ourselves to inhabit those spaces within ourselves, to regain confidence in our own wisdom as a form of rebellion, and from there open a dialogue to ask ourselves what does "the awakened woman" mean? How does she feel? How do you live? What is femininity? What are the contours that outline the feminine and the masculine? How do we escape the paradox of being creators and products of the same system that defines us?”

The answer expressed through art, in a photography exhibition and in workshops throughout the month, to collectively express through different angles what "the awakened woman" represents through different artists perspectives. The goal was that as a collective we find the answers, knowing that the first key to this is that there is no single absolute truth to do so.

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Promo Video for Mujer Despierta, "Awakened woman*, by Paula Simons