The Divine Feminine represents the connection to the part of our consciousness responsible for nurture, intuition, and empathy, regardless of gender. An energy that resides in each one of us, together with the divine masculine energy, the two create a whole. Other traits such as creativity, sensuality, the felt sense rather than the thinking sense, community & collaboration, flexibility & receptivity, are examples of the feminine traits that we all carry within. We live in a world where the masculine energy is dominating our modern lives, and has been for generations. This creates an unbalance, as the feminine has been neglected, suppressed and discriminated, and not given the voice deserved to create a balanced, harmonious world. We are now in an era of change. Shifts are occurring in our consciousness and women are rising and embracing the feminine voice inside of them. The old no longer fits.

The Divine Feminine is awakening, and becoming stronger in us all, to create a union within and without, into a more balanced and harmonious collective. 

A woman, awakening to and embodying her divine feminine, is the subject expressed and portrayed in this exhibition, created in 2019. Connected to and liberated within the full spectrum of her true nature. A being, receptive to the subtleties of the inside and outside world, connected to her intuitive nature, as well as the earth, the moon, the elements and the universe at large as a clear reflection of her own being.

Above is a sample of the imagery included in the 24 piece physical exhibition, exhibited in 2019 in Jacó, Costa Rica.

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