I’m eating apples from the trees.
The ground is covered in orange and yellow October leaves.
The crisp air floods me with memories.

Memories of a girl I left behind.
A girl carrying pain, fear and doubt.
Stuck in her minds circles, she needed to find a way out.

She traveled far, as far away as she could.
She found a tribe, where she felt seen and understood.
Explorers, travelers, wandering souls.
Artists of their own life, they too had broken the mold.
A life in the tropics, so connected to the earth,
The pulse of the jungle, awakening something in her.
A taste of a powerful creature, residing within.
She had been there all along, under her own skin.
The bliss of finding your way,
Playing, dancing, singing.

Understanding her purpose, her power, and all its possibilities.
Developing her craft, discovering all its abilities.
But no matter how right it was, how fun it all had been.
There was a disconnection, her body pleading;
Go back to the source!
That little girl inside needed healing.

To build her castle in the sky,
She needed a firm foundation.
One can not forever stay high,
If you don’t mend the roots of your creation.
A return to the land where her ancestors walked.
A remembrance, an understanding, new wisdom unlocked.
An expanded consciousness, in her homecoming.
There’s no point in flying so high,
If you lack grounding.

Now the return is never easy,
There’re triggers in walking the steps we once walked.
Old emotions not dealt with, conversations not talked.
Facing everything you left behind, even the parts you forgot.
Here to connect the new and the old,
No more running away, it’s time to sit within the cold.

These things we sweep under the rug,
Get stored in our bodies.
To set them free, learn to love your shadows,
Acceptance in the darkness and the light,
Both yours to embody.

No matter how far you go,
In full circle you’ll return,
Ready for integration.
You can try to avoid it,
But you can’t escape the stagnation.
In the end you learn,
Within the uncomfortable return,
You found a necessary piece of the puzzle.
You could keep searching,
But the answers are in the walk we walk,
Not the destination.